BPI Building Analyst, Envelope & Heating Professional

$2,895 CEU’s 15 60 hrs.

This course will give you a complete understanding of the “Home as a System”
approach and learn various types of systems within a home, their components
and functions they have and how they are dependent on each other. Help
pinpoint the root cause of heating system problems, show recommendations
on how to correct issues such as high temperature differential, high carbon
monoxide, low flow readings and many other problems that can have a big
impact on an energy retrofit. You will learn how to conduct safety and
performance tests to assess system condition, identify savings opportunities,
compile a report outlining cost-effective solutions and the installation process.
Educate the customer on why their system failed your testing and what they can
do to remedy the situation. This course will prepare you to understand heating
system load and sizing, design, duct system diagnostics, and proper
maintenance and efficiency analysis.


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