Energy Audit Software helps compile valuable data for your customers

Learning home energy audit software is an essential step to help educate your customers on the way their house works as a system. Prices vary depending on test, please call for pricing.

TREAT Single Family

This is a two-day course that introduces new users to the functionality of the TREAT building modeling software, and will teach techniques to speed the modeling process for even experienced TREAT single family modelers. The instructor will review core concepts of the software and students will create their own model as a class exercise. Upon completion, students will have the ability to use TREAT for one to four family energy audits. This includes modeling, health and safety tracking, basic utility bill true-up, the creation of improvements, packaging improvements and creating reports. Students must bring a laptop that has TREAT software already installed and registered.

TREAT Multi-Family

The course is comprehensive and will cover apartment sampling, energy model calibration, modeling strategies, data entry problem solving, billing analysis, quantifying interactions between systems, predicted energy savings, and calculating SIRs. A three-day classroom training on the multifamily version of  the TREAT modeling software.

  • How to use the “Multifamily Existing Building Improvement-Driven Modeling Process” for improving energy efficiency in multifamily buildings using TREAT
  • Integrate TREAT into the auditing process to improve overall project efficiency and productivity.
  • Build a TREAT model with an appropriate level of detail to generate savings and workscope reports
  • Demonstrate proper use of TREAT’s billing analysis tools to import a building’s actual energy bills and analyze baseline energy signatures and historical energy performance patterns
  • Incorporate ‘non-energy’ benefits (i.e. health and safety measures) into the TREAT model
  • Follow recommended procedure for ‘true-up’ of TREAT model
  • Create and analyze the investment potential of individual ECMs and interacting sets of improvements
  • Produce appropriate TREAT improvements reporting for weatherization projects
  • Use TREAT to determine actual energy savings vs. predicted energy savings

TREAT Review

This is a review of the functionality of the TREAT building modeling software, and will teach techniques to speed the modeling process for even experienced TREAT single family modelers. This class will provide an overview of the TREAT essentials needed to become productive quickly. Students must bring a laptop that has TREAT software already installed and registered.

TREAT Open Studio Commercial

This 2-day hands-on course will teach students how to leverage the free NREL OpenStudio modeling ecosystem to quickly and efficiently generate flexible models for energy analysis. Students will learn effective modeling workflows for using the OpenStudio Sketchup Plugin to construct building form and fabric and assigning space attributes. HVAC and service hot water systems will be configured using the OpenStudio Application. The OpenStudio Application integrates with NREL’s Building Component Library (BCL), providing libraries of pre- defined configurable energy conservation measures for easily modifying energy models. PAT (Parametric Analysis Tool) will be used to demonstrate how model variants can be configured to run in cloud computing environments (Amazon EC2). Students will also be exposed to OpenStudio’s capabilities for extension through Ruby Scripting, both for creating custom energy conservation measures and for generating useful summary and detailed output.

TREAT Compass

Managing, deciphering, and tracking data can be a challenge. Whether you need to benchmark buildings, track energy conservation measures, evaluate the effectiveness of a program, measure savings, or generate reports, Compass helps you navigate the data tide. Compass aligns the needs of multiple stakeholders—including program administrators, service providers, QA staff, portfolio owners and financing providers—with one easy-to- use web-based tool.


REM/RateTM is a user-friendly, yet highly sophisticated; residential energy analysis, code compliance and rating software developed specifically for the needs of HERS providers.REM/RateTM software calculates heating, cooling, hot water, lighting, and appliance energy loads, consumption and costs for new and existing single and multi-family homes. Climate data is available for cities and towns throughout North America. As a home energy rating tool, REM/RateTM meets the following requirements: Calculates energy loads, consumption and costs as well as sizes mechanical equipment and performs automatic CABO Model Energy Code, ASHRAE 90.2 and International Energy Conservation Code compliance analysis. Complies with National Home Energy Rating Standards as promulgated by Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET®).

Manual J

ACCA-approved Manual J load calculation starts with Right-J®. Right-J is currently in use by tens of thousands of contractors and HVAC designers, providing them with the industry leading load calculation tools.

  • Calculates ACCA certified Manual J 7th and 8th edition load calculations, including addenda A,B,C and D.
  • Worksheets are easy to learn and easy to use!
  • Work with blazing speed as the worksheets instantly recalculate onscreen with any changes.
  • All Manual J tables are included, including mobile homes with improved sizing loads for:
  • Single-family detached homes
  • Small multi-unit structures, condominiums, and townhouses
  • Manufactured homes
  • Links with ARI/GAMA electronic equipment directory built into the program.
  • Loads can be broken down by whole house or room-by-room with BTUs and CFMs and viewed as pie charts with the Load Meter.
  • Multi-zone capability with single central VAV or multi-equipment, including the calculation of peak loads.
  • Simple, detailed, and blower door infiltration calculations.
  • Handles hydronics including high and low density baseboards.
  • Fast links to ResCheck, Rem/Rate and Florida Engage for easy code compliance.

Manual D

Right-D® is the fast, easy-to-use residential duct design software that takes full advantage of ACCA's streamlined Manual D Method. With Right-Draw®, you can draw your duct design, or simply place the registers and let Right-D design your layout to eliminate the confusing spreadsheets. Even use the optional ductulator for friction rate calculations. With Right-D duct designs, the ducts are automatically sized based on the airflow and static pressure.

  • Automatic and instant recalculation of duct sizes and layouts with the change of any design parameters (such as the orientation of the building) with the Hotlink TechnologyTM.
  • Manually draw your duct system for easy custom duct layouts!
  • Right-D can automatically draw your layouts for plenum, multi-level, flex, and more.
  • All Manual J tables are included, including mobile homes with improved sizing loads for:
  • Add the Right-2LineTM Duct module and produce professional, CAD-quality two-line drawing for impressive detail to you duct layouts and paperless interaction with AutoCAD files!


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